From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Trotting


With His New Best Friend :)

If Only His Ears Were Up!

Pictures from First Ride

Handsome Boy

Mom, please don't kiss me infront of the camera!


Taken Today

A Good Ride on a Not-So-Good Day

Sick. sick sick sick sick. I hate being sick. I have a sore throat, cough, runny nose, and back aches. Anyways... I stayed home from school today. After waking up, throwing up, then going back to sleep... I re-awoke at 10:30am. I felt a lot better and decided to make myself pancakes and toast since I was home alone. They were delicious! After eatting that, I laid down, watched a bit of TV, and had a snack.

Then it was time to go feed the ponies lunch. They acted like they were going to starve if I did not feed them that very second, which is normal. Everyone was fed and content. I picked Jet's stall and checked all the water. While he was eatting, I took off Jet's blanket and gave him a good brush. He walked away from his hay to a corner of the paddock and just sat there while I brushed him. I swear he was thinking, "A little to the right...up...wait no down... RIGHT THERE!" It was quite hilarious. I put his blanket back on and gave him some treats. I also started to teach him to bow! He is picking up on it very quickly! I think that keeping his mind busy, even in the paddock would be great for him. So I am determined to teach him atleast 3 tricks by the end of the summer. Have any suggestions as to what I could teach him?

I then took Biscuit's blankets off and gave him a really good brushing since he enjoys rolling in pee, shavings, and poo on a daily basis. Being the very verbal pony that he is, he was nickering to me the entire time. It was adorable! He is also really picking up on learning how to bow! I can just say the word now and he does it, not to his full potential but atleast he knows what it means. After I spoiled him, I put his blanket back on so he wouldn't freeze. I took him for a walk around the yard and played in the ring with him for a bit.

After finishing everything up outside, I went back inside to defrost infront of the fire. Abby came home and then Josh did a while later. I decided that even though I was feeling crappy, I was going to have a relaxing ride on Jet anyways. I put my half chaps and boots on, grabbed my helmet and gloves and headed out the door. I got all the tack, brushes, etc and brought them to the fence. He saw me coming and made a mad dash for the other side of the paddock! I pulled out my emergency treat and he came over to me and I slipped the halter on his head. Since I had gave hima  good brush earlier, I picked his feet and went over him with the soft brush again. He stood still the entire time. I waws very impressed! I tacked him up and got ready to ride. Mom then came home and asked how I was feeling and oddly enough, I felt a lot better when I was outside with the horses. Interesting...

I brought him up to the ring and hopped on. He stood still when I mounted him and waited for me to ask him to go. A very pleasant change from riding lesson horses and other horses -cough cough- Elsa -cough cough- that decide that it would be hilarious to walk off as soon as you put one foot in the stirrup and are about the leap on. Not so funny for me. We worked a lot at the walk. Bending, leg yields, changed of directions, transitions from walk to halt, halt to walk, etc. and much more. He really likes to lean to the inside and stick his nose up and out so I worked on having him balance himself around corners instead of me supporting him and using all part of his body in unison to collecct him. I didn't accomplish much but I got him going nicely for a few seconds. It felt great! Since he isn't in shape and hasn't been worked consistantly for a long time, I didn't expect much and was greatful and proud of what he gave me. He tries hard, he really does but he gets confused easily. He is very easily distracted. "Walking...ok, I have to go in a straight line and move all my feet in cadence. I have to...... I SEE SOMETHING SHINY! -elevator music-" Yep. That is pretty much the way he functions but that's what I adore about him! He is always happy with his ears perked up :)

I will post tomorrow!
-Emily and her horsey friends