From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Computer Crash and Burn

I apologize for the lack of posts. My computer decided to completely die leaving me unable to update. The computer will be sent out to be fixed soon! However, we got a new laptop just incase the other can not be saved.

Jet and I have done a LOT of trail riding! In one week, we spent nearly 10 hours on the trails. This is by far his favorite thing to do. Our normal loop takes us roughly two hours to complete, depending on how fast or slow we choose to go that day. No matter what, Jet plods along with his ears perked up.

There is one thing that has brought up some concern..when he is in the field, he kicks out when he canters. I'm sure I have posted about this in the past at one point or another. To all of the Standie owners or riders out there: did your guys also kick out (it's not really a buck, he kicks out with his right hind) when you were just starting them out with cantering? He doesn't do this at all in the ring, only in the field. I'm worried that something is bothering him...

On a good note, I am in full swing saddle-shopping mode! I made the journey to Pelham Saddlery in NH yesterday and took an HDR on trial. It fits me and Jet well, but something about it just feels weird to me. I am used to riding in an all purpose (Colliegate Senior Event) so close contact/jumping saddles feel a lot different. I have also been looking at Dover's Circuit saddles. I have ridden in the circuits before and really liked them. Which do you guys prefer? Why?

I have tons of pictures that I will put up once they have downloaded onto the new computer. When I post them, I will tell you guys about my show schedule!