From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is Jet's 9th Birthday! Although it was raining and you can't walk into the paddock without loosing a muck boot... I trudged my way through to sing Happy Birthday to my boy and give him a treat that I made for him. He is one spoiled boy! He spent the day under the over hang until about 3:30pm (I had an early release from school due to flooding! I got out at 11:45! Woot!) then the rain finally stopped for a while and I brought them all up to the ring to be able to stretch their legs. He must have rolled 10 times... on each side! When he wasn't rolling, he was bucking, galloping, playing halter tag, etc. Just have a good ol' time! Happy Birthday special boy<3 This is a collage from when I had him years ago. I wanted him show name to be "Jitter Bug Jet." Thank god we never showed then!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I think we were meant for each other

Wednesday-Friday we did just about the same thing.

Our ride was on average 55 minutes each day. We did a lot of walked at first. Stretching, then bending and moving onto the bit. Lately he has been less willing to move into the bit. He decides that it would be much more fun to stretch his head down and to the side, take the bit away from me, and go where ever he wants. That won't last too long because I will not put up with that.

After walking both directions, we did figure eights, circles, and atwo serpenties to get him moving off my leg and into his corners. He likes to be busy and doing things other than walking in circles so we frequnetly add in something to keep his mind busy.

We then did a lot of trotting work. I don't like to go a lot one way, then a lot the other way an be done. I go a few times one way, then a few times the other way, etc. etc. It helps him become more supple in both diretions in my opinion. If you keep going and going in one direction, won't your horse become "fixed" to moving his body that way around you aids? If you change directions a lot, it shouldn't even matter which way you are going because he should be listening to everything and anything you are asking. I also find that if I do this, he moves a lot nicer and is more willing to go into a frame for a few steps.

So after a lot of trotting, I decided to try a canter. On Wednesday, it took a lot to get him into it and he became to ansy and waiting for the cue to bolt off. So I got it once and ended it on that. Thursday he was sort of expecting it and went right away for about half way around, then broke. We tried the other way and he just isn't ready. Tracking left is a lot easier for him so we will stick to only cantering that way for now. Friday he picked up the transition from the trot, to the canter as soon as I asked. We went around half way and I gave him a huge pat! We went the other way and just worked on trotting. He does a heck of a lot better at the trot after we canter. I am not sure why but he frames him self up without me asking him too and he is up underneath him self more.

After we worked on the trot, we turned around again and I asked for the canter once more. He went right away and we went twice around! It is a HUGE improvement from about a month ago when I tried to ask him for it and he just couldn't do it no matter how he tried. This to me makes me feel very accomplished. He is now balanced enough, atleast in one direction, to canter more than once around. When we got him back, it was not possible to get him into the canter, even though I only tried once. It let's me know that I am doing something right after all (:

After our cantering (and a bunch of hugs, kisses, and cookies!) we took our daily "after-workout-walk" around the street. It is a nice time to take a deep breath and cool down. Anywho. I am very very pleased with how far we have already come. I can't wait until the summer when we can do some more consistant riding!
Oh, does anyone have any comment about the CAIR system for Wintec saddles? I was looking into a Wintec 500 with CAIR and I am debating on whether to get it or not... or does anyone know where to find a nice saddle for $300 or less? :) I know, I'll keep dreaming.

-Emily and Jet

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

The past two days have been rain rain rain. Uggh. Spring has finally came. Along with it came the rain. I'm not to thrilled if you haven't already figured that out. It was raining enough today that I didn't get to work with Jet :( But....

Monday we did some more lunging. Every horse needs to be able to work without a rider on it's back, but rather on the ground at one point or another in my opinion and while is it drizzling, is the perfect time (I don't want to get my Mom's saddle wet also). We did walking, trotting, cantering etc. I added in some ground poles to help him pace him self and stride himself nice and evenly. At first he jumped the first ground pole and trotted awkwardly over the second but eventually he got the concept that he is supposed to just trot them normally. We went both directions, but a little more to his bad way (going to the right). He had a blast! He would occasionally get sassy and stop at the gate, spin around, and gallop/buck away but then he would listen to me again. He didn't escape this time (:

While I was setting up a small crossrail to use for Biscuit, and letting him roam around, he decided to follow me. -Hmm... I think he had some Natural Horsemenship training or something- I thought. I took his halter off, and walked. He stayed at my shoulder. I changed directions. He stayed at my shoulder. I stopped. So did he. I backed up. He did aswell. I jogged. He trotted at my shoulder. We did this for about 5 minutes. Then I thought...-If I ran next to the jump... would he go over it?- So we tried it. I ran right next to the jump, he stayed at my shoulder and didn't hesitate one bit! I gave him a huge reward, lots of pats and hugs and kisses. We tried again, and I ran faster, and used my voice commands to ask him to canter. His transition was perfect, and off we went! He did it wonderfully! I was so proud of him! He strided himself up to the jump and picked a perfect takeoff spot! Now that weknow he can jump, we will leave that for the summer and work on trotting for now! lol

For the rest of March and April.... our goal is to get the w/t down to the point where he is balanced and moving correctly and smoothly. Can we do it? I think we can :)

-Emily and Jet

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Great Escape

Sorry for the lack of posts...

Jet had Sunday and Monday off after the show since we were working really hard before the few weeks before the show with only short breaks. He definately deserved it!

Tuesday was a small, quick ride. We decided to try western! Haha. That was interesting.... we will not be following through with that discipline, thank you very much. We just tried it for the heck of it since I wasn't planning on doing much anyways. I have decided that western saddles are extremely uncomfortable for my back and they are hard to get out of. LOL!

Wednesday was our "get back to work day" so we basically re-established everything that we were working on. A lot of walking, and bending, and a bit of trotting. He was listening but he wanted to stretch a lot more than usual. So we did a lot of stretchingm, a bit of collecting, more stretching, balancing, etc. etc.

Thursday we did a little bit of ring work then went off into the trails! He was very nervous, well actually. I think he just wanted to go now that I think about it. We walked and trotted all around the trails, into the woods, and across the fields. To get into a field, there was a small tree that fell over and we jumped it. It was like a raised ground pole. Nothing much, but he didn't even think twice about it!

Friday he FINALLY got his feet done. He has thrush in all four which we already knew since the paddocks are soaked...his toes are worn down A LOT so we have to keep an eye on that or he might go lame. Our lovely farrier said that it might be him being lazy and not really picking up his feet. And if anyone knows Jet, that is highly possible. He is a bit over at the knee but with corrective trimmings and keeping them trimmed on a regular basis will take care of that. He is cow-hocked which we already knew aswell but you wouldn't be able to tell that when he trots/canters. He is quite the nice mover WHEN HE MOVES. lol. But all in all, nothing too much to worry about!

Yesterday, Saturday, he went up in the ring for a while with everyone. At about 3 o'clock, he laid down for a nap. I walked out there, said hello, gave him some pats, then laid down next to him and we took a nap together for a few minutes. It was very quiet, and relaxing. He would occasionally look at me like, "Mom, why are you sleeping on me?!" It was cute (: Aftewr that, we had a ride. Did a lot of walking and trotting. I set up some ground poles and he did really well with them. We set up an itty bitty crossrail to help him pick up his feet and he did well with that aswell, after he knew it was ok. We will not be jumping for months to come since he is very unsure of himself and he refused most of them, which I am fine with. He is not defiant or stubborn at all, I think it was more of a, "Mom, for your safety and mine, I will not be going over this litty bitty crossrail because I don't know how to balance myself and pick up my feet. Please ask again when I am ready." which I am perfectly ok wth. We went over it 3 times each way and then we were done.

Today, Sunday, we did free lunging instead of riding. I wanted to see how he moved from a ground perspective. I think it will help me when I am training him. So... we did w/t/c in each direction, he was respecting my space and my body language. He had a preference to stand in the corner with the gate. He ended up pushing it open and bolting away. Off he went! He jumped off the rock wall, and trotted to the road, got there, stopped, turned around, and looked to see if I was coming to retrieve him. It was quite hilarious! I got a bucket with some grain in it (thank you mom) and I went to go get him. He walked right up to me like he always does and I gave him a small handful of grain. He did this on Friday aswell when he was in the ring. I was bringing the horses down and he was the last to come to the gate, therefore the last to go down. He was not happy about that. Once he saw that he was going to be alone, he galloped to the gate, and as I was taking Elsa out he ran into the gate and forced his way through. I kept a hold of Elsa, thank gosh. If I hadn't, they would have been long gone. He trotted off the rock wall, and went to the same exact spot as he did today, and looked back. He actually started munching on a tree both days aswell. He is such a funny horse!
Anyways... after I caught him today, I brought him abck to the ring, walked him around a bit, double locked the gate, and got back to work. There was a crossrail set up for Elsa and Biscuit when they were worked and he decided to go investigate. He went up to it, started licking it, then hopped over. Then he trotted away from it, ran around the ring, and went over it again! He looks great over them aswell and apparantly he likes it! I just think that he doesn't feel comfortable, or balanced enough, to do it with me on him. atleast now I know that he likes it, and he can do it, we just need to work there (: Hopefully by August or September, we can try jumping cross rails if we are ready.

I will post more later, and more frequent posts are coming!

-Emily and Jet

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back from the show!

Sorry I did not post yesterday...or this past week at all. We were training all week! I was extremely tired from the show, and I had to get up early to help out at a college show this morning.

Our week was pretty busy. We went to HHF everyday except on Thursday... that was his day off. Each day was an improvement from the previous day! We did mostly walk trot with an occasional canter in the field which is one of his new favorite things to do! Our rides were pretty long and we got in the indoor everyday which was nice. Friday was our day to get everything perfect. We got there while there was a clinic still going on. We were told it would be done by didn't end until after 8. So we were ready to go, with nowhere to go. But at the end of the clinic, we snuck in and got to ride with the instructor. She gave us some kind words on how beautiful our horses were and she asked us if we would like to join in on the exercises they were doing. Ofcourse we said yes!! First thing that Jet and I worked on was figure-8's at the trot which was very helpful to get him bending, moving off my leg, and since he was stuck behind a horse that was going 2 mph, we got to get his stride shorter!

After figure eights, we worked on the cadence of the trot on the rail. We got a good rhythem going at the end, but it took a lot to get him going steady, consistent, and slow! I was thinking, "Is this the same Jet that I had years ago that I couldn't get to trot at all because he was so lazy?!" I bet when the warmer weather comes he will be his old lazy bum again! We then stood in the corner of the ring while the other riders cantered and jumped a few times. They left the ring after that and we got to practice by ourselves for a few minutes before my friends came in for their lesson. Thankfully, they knew that we were getting our last minute practice in and offered to give up some of their lesson time to let us use the rail for a bit. I love my friends (: I then cooled him out in the middle of the ring so my friends could have their lesson...that went until 10pm!! Jet got a good brushing to get him nice and shiny for the next day's show, and we headed back to the hosue.

Yesterday was in interesting day. The weather was fine when we got there but the rain slowly started to come down more and more. By my class, you could hear the ain pouncing on the metal roof. Lovely. He has only been in an indoor a few times and I thought the sound would freak him out. But it didn't! Just about everything else did though. In warmup, we worked on bending into our corners and slowing down to a reasonable speed. Our warm up was pretty good. He was listening pretty well. There were horses going in every direction and several instructors yelling at their kids. This wasn't a hectic show by any means. There were only eight or so horses in the ring, if that when I warmed up but it is a small ring so it was pretty cramped.

He was perfect going the the left, he was bending, flexing, stretching, balancing, and everything all at once! What a good boy! I was letting him walk a bit before going the other way and what do you know. Julie (my friend) showed up and Abby was apparantly very excited to see her. They ran right by the indoor door, screaming, yelling, and jumping around. They were not thinking at all that there were several horses in the ring, and a few of them haven't even been there before. We went right by the door at that very second. He spooked. Ugggh. Everytime we went past that door after that was a disaster. He thought the door was going a horse eatting monster... I swear. It wasn't like him really. I think he was just nervous.

So after that, we warmed up the other way. Let's just say that the first direction is his MUCH better direction (: He kept falling in on the corners and everytime I asked him to move over with my leg and seat, he decided to go a billion times faster instead. I can't really blame him since it was so hectic... but I would have liked him to pay a little more attention to me. Oh well, that just gives us something to work on!!

Even though he went by two open doors (one into the main barn from the indoor and one into the smaller barn from the indoor) he was freaked out by them. Going by the door to the larger barn, a person decided to almost run into us with a flower box. Just what I need, another door to worry about. But oh no, the door where everyone was standing was the door of death. So we worked on a circle that made it so we went past every door and we worked through it :)

Then we waited... and waited... and waited a bit more for our classes. Mary-Kate's classes were right before us so we watched her go. There were only two people in her class. I told you it was a small show! Katie kept bellowing to Jet which meant that she was NOT listening to Mary-Kate at all. I could only see them for a few seconds as they went by the door since I was in the barn because it was raining lol. But, I could tell that Katie was being a pill from how many times she called for Jet... it was non-stop. The other person in the ring was on a dead-broke lesson pony. Mary-Kate won Equitation, got second in pleasure, and I think they got second in discipline rail (?).

Next was our classes! We got in the ring and must have gone aorund the ring atleast times before the other horses came in because of rider changes. There were only three horses in my division. That same dead-broke lesson pony, and another dead-broke lesson pony that kicked. Anytime I was within 7 or so lengths of that pony, I cut the ring. She WILL kick and already had that day at a couple of horses... so I pretty much screwed my class to avoid that pony who was ofcourse, the slowest pony alive... but oh well. It is for fun, not the ribbons! Anyways... I placed second in my Equitation class even though I felt really confident about that class. Everything went well, but he was pretty fast... which is what I think cost us the class. The other two ponies already had several previous riders on them for jumping and they were slow lesson ponies anyways... so they were slow.

Therefore... in our pleasure class, we placed third which I knew would happen. But once we get that trot slower.... watch out pleasure ring... here we come! I gave him a little bit more rein and he decided to take it and toss his head repeatedly. when I tried to pick the contact back up more, he just fought me for the bit. So I worked with him through my seat and legs and even though he went faster, he was going how I wanted him to which is what will matter down the road.

Our next class was discipline rail. It is basically command bujt you don't get called into the middle of the ring if you mess up. If it was command, we would have won. We got third in this class aswell even though I thought this was our best class and that we deserved to win it... He was perfect in this class. I stopped focusing about how I looked and started working with him right away, then worrying about myself later. I should have done this to begin with! He was rounded, bending, and everything. He was just a little fast. One horse walked from the halt, and the other couldn't get into the trot. Our halt was perfect, our transitions were perfectly time... I honestly don't know why we got placed last in that class. I felt really proud about it even though we got last though. It really showed how much we have been working together.

Our last class was trail. I thought this was going to be a comedy. And it was. The course was extremely simple. 1. Trot over 4 poles 2. Trot through an L, back through it, and walk back through it to get out 3. Move a helmet from one standard to another 4. Halt and stand for 5 seconds. Before the class, I thought, "Oh gosh...I don't think he knows how to back up..." So we tried backing up and it wasn't pretty at all. I was most worried about the back up. One or two horses went before us, then we got in. We did our opening circle and headed for the poles. The poles were on the rail and since horses have been w/t/c on the same path all day long, it was worn down to the point where the poles were more like raised cavalities. Anyone who knows Jet known that he is clumsy. We get to the first one and he shied away from it. I wanted to bolt by it but I used my outside leg and wouldn't let him past it. Instead, we circled and tried it again. He sorta hopped over the first one, walked the second one, and awkwardly trotted the last two. I honestly think that he had no idea how to get all four feet over each one! lol. Something to work on!! After we trotted the last two poles, we trotted through the L. We halted. Then I asked him to back up. WOW WOW WOW! He definately surprised me!! Out of all the horses that did trail, he was the best in backing up! He was quick, straight, and turned when I asked him to! It was perfect. Not kidding, perfect. We didn't step outside of the L once or even move a pole! I love him (: I wasn't worried about the helmet at all. We got to it moved it, and walked to the end. We halted, stood for 5 seconds. Then exited the ring. We ended up with second! If we did the poles better, we would have won, but oh well. I am so proud of him! He got today off and wll get tomorrow off, then we will get back to work but not as ferociously as we were a few days ago.

Today was hectic hectic hectic chaos. I will post about that tomorrow.


Emily and Jet-the best horse in the world- (:

Monday, March 8, 2010

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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Before watching any of the videos from today, TURN THE VOLUME DOWN! My sister decided to scream while taping us. Just a warning! Turn it wayyyyy down at first and then go up a little bit once you know how loud it is. :)

Katie cantering in the field!

Jumping the little log! Jet went first, then Katie! After we did this, we cooled them out for like 30 minutes xD We just walked them around everywhere and anywhere we could. I had such an amazing day with Mary-Kate and Katie! ANDDD... we are keeping the trailer until Thursday so we are going to go to the barn everyday and ride =D YAY!

Standardbred race! Both of them were galloping! Jet was so smooth and was listening! He LOVES the trails! He was actually on the bit at the canter after we raced. Katie had a wonderful 3-beated, rocking horse canter going on. And they say pacers can't canter... those people obviously haven't seen Katie!

Just a log in the field that we decided to pop over. Katie went first and Jet was second. I was just expecting him to walk over it but he actually jumped it! I was surprised and didn't give him a release =/ I know... but it sure was fun!

Cantering! After we did ring work today, we went on a trail ride. In the first field, after we raced, we cantered a bit. Jet is first, Katie is following. They were awesome!

Battle of the gaits. Trotter vs. pacer. Jet, the trotter, and Katie, the pacer. You can see her neon orange polo wraps LOL! I love racing friends. This is the first time I have ever gotten to do it! Man, was it fun!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trotting Jet! You can see how he is stretching now vs. sticking his nose up and out like he was last time we went. Also a trot to walk transition

Ohh boy! We jumped! They were tiny crossrails and we only did it a few times just to desensitize him to them for later on down the road. Last week he thought that the colored poles would come up and eat him, I swear... but he was so much better this week! We also trotted over a "flower box" and introduced him to a rockwall but didn't go over it since it would be higher than a crossrail. I wasn't going to push jumping and I only wanted to go over a few times. He was such a good boy! The first jump he went straight to it, but I dropped my contact so he didn't jump it. I didn't know if he would go to sniff it, or something, so I decided to drop my contact. Why? I don't know. I know that it's not what I should have done but it's what I did. Over the second jump I kept my contact and he jumped it! He tapped it with his back foot since I got left behind. I didn't know he was actually going to jump! I wasn't expecting that pleasant surprise. After he did that, he was thinking, "Ok, I'm done. Time to walk." He got a huge praise for going over them and lots of treats ;)

He was actually listening! This video was just one to see how his trot to walk transition was  but I ended up really impressed with the trotting part of it. It really shows how much work we have accomplished this past week. Stretching has really paid off! I was able to get him into a nice frame for a few steps at a time! I know, the videos all are crappy quality but that's what you get from a video from a phone. Tomorrow we ARE bringing and actual camera and so is Mary-Kate so we will get some better video of us in the ring, as well as on the trails! Check back tomorrow for better quality videos!

Best. Video. Ever. I laughed so hard when this happened. I just wanted to walk him over the crossrail to show him that it would not eat him or jump out at him, etc. like he thought it would.  His front end went over it completely fine, he just dragged his last foot over and it knocked both poles on the crossrail down at the same time! He always finds a way to make me laugh ;)

Katie Jumping last weekend over a 2 ft vertical =) What a good girlll!

Katieee! Pfft. and they say pacers can't canter or jump. Look at this girl!

Katie! Mary-Kate's horse :) Shhe is doing an amazing job with her! Taken today

If Only Everyday Were As Good As Today

What a day. What an awesome day! I will post later, too tired right now. I am getting pictures and videos right now and they will be ujp in a few minutes!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Stretch! Collection? Trails.

In the past few days, we have accomplished a lot. We are working on him balancing himself vs. me holding him up because from there, I can get him collected. How can you collect a horse that can't balance on its own? If you find out, let me know.

So I gave him Monday off after everything that went on during Sunday. Tuesday... we worked on a very loose rein so he could stretch his head and back. He was listening to my seat and legs since my reins were loose which was quite an improvement from Sunday already. We did the usual, circles, serpentines, figure eights, walking faster, slower, etc. I started to teach him to actually stop and stand when I ask him to and not move until I tell him to. He knows how to, but he is very impatient. We did lots of trotting work on a loose reins and the last few laps were on a tighter rein asking for a little collection.

Wednesday was snowing... ugh. It's March. Let spring come soon! We had another great ride. I started on a loose rein and let him balance himself. I only directed him where to go if my leg and seat aids were not strong enough. We did a bit more trotting work than on Tuesday and added in some circles at the trot and a change of direction. My ring is TINY. Like... 80' by 75'. Yeah, that tiny. So it is like you are already circling the entire time you are in there. Everything is harder in a smaller ring which means that if we can conquer something in our ring, it will be that much easier in a larger ring. After I was satisfied with the way he was going, I took him for a walk around the neighborhood. We went up and down hills on the road and went trotitng up a steep hill in my neighbor's yard.

Thursday was still icky weather. We did even more trotting. I let him stretch at first like I always do but that day I asked for some collection here and there. He was awesome! It wasn't much but it was enough that I could feel the difference. After we walked like this, I pushed him into the trot using my seat. Sitting the trot bareback is one of my favorite things but I like posting in the saddle. But... I forced myself into a sitting trot so I could feel how he was moving. He is different than any other horse I have ridden. He is definately smooth but it feels different. I will try to describe it later. After he was working extreemly well in the ring, we went back out for a walk. He loves going for walks!! Even if we were working for hours and hours, I am sure he would still be up for a walk to a new and interesting place. He cracks me up sometimes. He acts like he is about to drop dead but as soon as the gate opens to go out he magically is all better and not tired. Silly horse!

Today was an AMAZING ride, best one of the week. I worked with him inhand first. This is my space... not yours. I have a bubble, please stay out of it. I know you love me and all but I do not appreciate a half ton animal plowing me over. Thank you. Sheesh! Once that was all settled, I hopped on him and we practiced our halt and back up. He stood for about 30 seconds each time I asked. Never took a step when I didn't tell him too. What a good boy! Abby has been riding Elsa and I have ridden with her several times this week. She was finishing up her ride when I got up to the ring so we walked together while Jet stretched and Elsa was taking a break. After about 15 minutes of walking, we trotted together. Jet stayed on the rail, was bending, moving off my leg, listening to my seat, and he is frequently arching his neck now instead of just stretching down! He looks and feels really good when he does this. After Elsa trotted for some time, Abby dismounted and walked her out, then left to go brush her. He looked around for her for a few minutes but settled down just fine. I decided to go for a walk again. This time I wanted to go to the "back field." It is across the street, through the neighbor's back yard, through the woods, and into a field, that leads to another field with paths that go into the woods. Confused yet? I am. hehe. Anyways, I let them know where I was going and made sure I had my phone. Just incase. You never know! So I walked through the neighbor's backyard and into the woods to be greeted by about 10 slanted trees. Not massive trees, little ones that I can grasp in my hand. But man...they are annoying when they hit you in the face!! We finally made it out of the tree-ridden trail and into the field. He looked around a bit. When we had him a few years ago, we would go back there atleast once a week. He was fine so I decided to trot around to the next field. He was great! He was listening to what I was asking him to do and where I was asking him to go. I say asking for a reason... I am not telling him to do this. If I was telling him to, he would HAVE to listen all the time and I would be a dictator. Well guess what. Tyrancy always fails... we work together as a team. He asks me for things, and I ask him for things. We make a good team in my opinion =) So we got to a massive puddle. I asked him to go through it and he went right through!! What a good boy! We got to the second field and trotted around some more. We went down a few paths. They all lead back into the field so we would go in one, then to the next one. I let him walk for  about 5 minutes to take a break from trotting and to get him paying attention. He spooked once or twice because Patch (the dog) decided that it would be fun to run around Jet in the trails. Oh joy... he would freeze, then bolt about 10 feet in 0.0000001 second and then he would be like, "Oh my godness, I'm so sorry I did that Mom!" After he settled back down, we reached the straightaway path. I picked up a trot... got into a half seat sorta thing, and asked for a canter. Oh boy, his canter is smooth as butter! He ran into it but I didn't mind at all. He kept it for about 10 strides and then I asked him to walk. We turned around and did the same thing going the other way down the path. After this, we walked to cool out a bit. We walked back to the first field and he decided that since we were heading home, he didn't have to listen. Wrong. So we worked some more right infront of the opening to the woods. Once he was listening, we went back home. He was a little sweaty so I walked him out undersaddle, then I got off, took his tack off, walked him around in the ring, then went and got Biscuit and walked both of them together around the neighborhood.

What a nice day =) It was warm, the sun was shining. Ahhh... this is how it should be! Tomorrow AND Sunday we are going to truck down to Hobby Horse Farm again. Saturday for just the indoor and maybe on Sunday we will go for a trail ride too. I will post after I get home from HHF both days =) Maybe with some video and better pictures! Yay!

Talk soon!

-Em and the ponies.