From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Once In a Blue Moon

So tonight, as most of you know, was a blue moon. This isn't your every occurance so I decided to celebrate.

At 9 o'clock pm, I went outside, grabbed Jet's bridle and my helmet and walked out to the paddock. Jet looked confused but happily took the bit and followed me out of the paddock. I hopped on bareback and proceeded to head towards the road.

I walked down the big hill, then asked for a trot. He happily gave it to me so I brought him back down to a walk. I praised him a lot! He is usually very weird bareback...I'm not sure if it is pain related because he is fine bareback in a field or on straightaways but in the ring with lots of corners, he isn't comfortable doing more than a walk bareback.

So we did lots of trot-walk, walk-trot transitions with some halts thrown in there. We went up and down the street onces then turned around to do it again. We trotted the entire way down there without stopping! I stopped him, gave him lots of pats, then decided to turn around and head a canter.

I asked him for it, he picked it right up but then broke a few strides later. I brought him back down then asked again and he picked it up again and we cantered half the way back home before I brought him back down to a walk to let him "cool down" even though he wasn't even warm.

I brought him in the ring, just to see if he'd trot in there after we just trotted on the street. We went around half way at the trot! That is a big accomplishment for him! I immediately halted, got off and gave him cookies because I was so proud (:

Then he kept on amazing me by demonstrating how well he is learning to ground tie. I took off his bridle and "ground tied" him outside of the tack room and he just stood there while I did what I had to do!

I love my horse.

-Emily and Jet

OH! Enjoy a preview of our new jumping accomplishments!

Yep, 2'! And cantering! Ignore my equitation. I know. It really stunk.