From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Jet and I have been hard at work. We have been doing w/t/c under saddle in the ring recently with trail rides thrown in here and there. He has been really good about cantering lately. He picks it up great and can keep it all the way around the ring with out bucking. When we are trotting, he knows hat he should do and he tries but he's lacking the muscle to get him all the way there. It hasn't been all work, work, work though...I have decided to introduce Jet to a rope because I hope to do roping, penning, barrels, poles, etc in the future and we have to start somewhere.

So I got the rope out, let him sniff it, touched him with it all over, swung it around....I was totally expecting a melt don when I started swinging it above his head but this was the result....
Yep. He's definitely going to be a roper!