From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Haskins Show tomorrow!

We didn't thinkl we would be able to go to this show since his coggins reached the year mark at the end of May. However, I contacted the show commitee and they said that since it isn't too outdated, I can still show! So we did some balancing and flexing work today. The ride was maybe 30 min long. It was short, nice, and he was perfect! Which means tomorrow probably won't be good since after he is perfect, he usually bombs for a day or two. Tomorrow I have some goals I want to accomplish:
-Get there early and let him calm down. Don't rush anything
-In the classes, don't worry about getting him round. That will come with more experience.
-Get him straight in the classes
-Keep my hands UP!
-Go through the trail course without any problems
-Place third or higher in one class

I may think of some more and I'll add them to the list tomorrow when I tell you how we did.

The man is all braided and tomorrow I will hose off his legs since he is heel high in mud right now. I'll probably have to redo some of his braids tomorrow morning since he always rubs a few out. 6:00am wake up call!

Wish us luck!

-Em and Jet