From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As you can see, the page has been redone and minor adjustments will continue to be made. I will be adding links, more pages, photo albums, etc.. so check back soon!
Sunday and Monday I went to HHF again. I went with Elsa and Mom on Sunday for a nice trail ride then a bit of jumping afterwards. We galloped on the trails aswell as trotting, tons of fun! Monday I went by myself. I worked more in the indoor, then went to the jumping field to go over a few jumps. He was silly at first but settled down a bit. It was his first time being there alone so he was very nervous. He also thought there was something in the woods which we agreed there was. He was getting a bit obnoxious after he saw something in the woods, not out of control but just more playful than he ever has been. He bucked! More than once! He was tellign me that he was DONE! So we did a bending line and ended on a really good note. His jumping skills improved 1000% this weekend! He only had 2 or 3 awkward jumps yesterday. I was so proud! I also did a course of 5 jumps yesterday with him. I think he liked it. His ears were up and he was enjoying himself. When we go to the jumps, he is much comfortable cantering to it. It helps him pick a spot (well, help me help him pick the spot) so he wouldn;t take it long and awkward.

Overall, it was a great weekend! He also got a bath, ate lots of grass, was spoiled and now has a well deserved day off today (:

-Emily and Jet