From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred


2011/2012 Goals:


1. [X]  Get a solid, collected, walk/trot down. Be able to maintain it at new places aswell.

2. [X]  Participate in Horse Trials.- Check! Flatlands Mix and Match horse Trials, Oct. 2 2011

3. [X]  Besides hunter/jumper schooling shows, try a dressage test at Intro level (can be part of an event/horse trial).- Check! Part of the Horse Trial ^

4. [  ]  Ride on the beach. Take pics!

5. [X]  Extended trot.

6. [X]  2' courses.

7. [X]  Simple Lead changes.

8. [X]  Flying Lead changes

9. [X]  Collected canter.

10. [X]  Do another hunter pace.

11. [X]  Go to a clinic with Jet. - 2/19/12: X-training

12. [X]  Jump an oxer.

13. [X]  Teach him three new tricks.

14. [  ]  Participate in a Parade with Jet.

15. [X]  Go cross country schooling.

16. [X]  Team Penning

17. [X]  Barrel Racing or Pole Bending

18. [  ]  Versatile Horse and rider Competition

Always editing this so check it frequently!