From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred

Friday, May 6, 2011

First Show of the Season

When the weather cooperates and the homework isn't too much, I have ridden pretty consistently. Some days it will be a short 20 minute walk trot ride and others will be 1 hour+ walk, trot, canter rides. We haven't jumped yet and probably won't for a while until he is back in shape. However, we have been doing lots of ground pole work.

This past week, we have been preparing for our first show of the season! We are doing the 4-h show series at Haskins again this year. Since it is the last year we qualify for it, we are doing the Green Horse Division again. Might as well take advantage of it while we can! 

I made the decision to not pull Jet's mane for this show. His mane is helping him in keeping the bugs off of his neck and I didn't have anything to pull it we will be *attempting* a running braid for this show. I already know it is going to be a disaster...oh well! It isn't about the braids, its about the experience.

I'm not expecting much for this show and my goals are simple:
1.) Get there on time
2.) Be safe and controlled
3.) Go over the ground poles in trail like a normal horse
4.) Not break from the trot or go into a canter during the classes
5.) Not kill anyone before, during, or after the show.

Basically, I was a nice, calm, relaxing day and a good experience for Jet. I could care less if we won 4 blue ribbons or not a single ribbon at all. I will definitely take pictures and videos for everyone and let you know how we did!