From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Before watching any of the videos from today, TURN THE VOLUME DOWN! My sister decided to scream while taping us. Just a warning! Turn it wayyyyy down at first and then go up a little bit once you know how loud it is. :)

Katie cantering in the field!

Jumping the little log! Jet went first, then Katie! After we did this, we cooled them out for like 30 minutes xD We just walked them around everywhere and anywhere we could. I had such an amazing day with Mary-Kate and Katie! ANDDD... we are keeping the trailer until Thursday so we are going to go to the barn everyday and ride =D YAY!

Standardbred race! Both of them were galloping! Jet was so smooth and was listening! He LOVES the trails! He was actually on the bit at the canter after we raced. Katie had a wonderful 3-beated, rocking horse canter going on. And they say pacers can't canter... those people obviously haven't seen Katie!

Just a log in the field that we decided to pop over. Katie went first and Jet was second. I was just expecting him to walk over it but he actually jumped it! I was surprised and didn't give him a release =/ I know... but it sure was fun!

Cantering! After we did ring work today, we went on a trail ride. In the first field, after we raced, we cantered a bit. Jet is first, Katie is following. They were awesome!

Battle of the gaits. Trotter vs. pacer. Jet, the trotter, and Katie, the pacer. You can see her neon orange polo wraps LOL! I love racing friends. This is the first time I have ever gotten to do it! Man, was it fun!!!