From racing to riding... the training diary of an off the track Standardbred

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ride at HHF with Mary-Kate

We jumped today! He was awkward to a few of them, refused a few, but the future is looking bright :) (these were our good moments, we have MANY more bad ones, LOL!)

And so did Mary-Kate and Katie! (Their first time over a jump with an obstacle like this underneath and their first 2'3" jump!)

And then like we always do, we went on a trail ride!

The pretty boy!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Videos Posted from show!

Please go to the bottom of the last post. I edited it to include links of the videos! It's not on a different post just so later down the road I only have to go to one to see all videos and pictures from this show (: Thanks!

Updates...No riding today (WAY too hot) but I did brush him, take him out for grass, and worked on his bowing. Now if I hold a treat and tap the back of his knee he lifts his leg, moves it forward, keeps it bent and lowers his head! Not a full bow, but he is learning what the word and aid for it is!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hobby Horse Farm Show- 5/23. I cried.

Today was an amazing day. An AMAZING day. The show started an hour late but we got there when we planned to if the day was going to run like it was supposed to. We brough Jet and Mary-kate and her horse Katie (both Standardbreds!!). We thought she was going to just do the trail so we wanted to get tehre before it closed at noon. Flat classes ended up not starting until about 12:30 so Mary-Kate ended up showing in Green Horse with me :) was one of the LAST classes of the day. Oh joy. So we had 2+ hours to wait. We brought the horses down to the jumping field to watch the last few jumping classes, let them calm down, brush them, and let them eat some grass. We watched a few of our friends jump in classes and warm-ups (check out their blogs at and ) They did really well! Congrats guys! Then we tacked up and warmed up during the lunch break. We still had 90min+ to our classes so we put them back on the trailer to munch on hay. Our extremelyyyy kind instructor let us put the horses in stalls that weren't being used so they weren't on the trailer for a long time. After a while, we went back in a brushed them and tacked up and wamred up for about 3 minutes before our class. He was a complete dofus. He was bolting, not listening, and even reared... I thought we were doomed. But then our class was called...and we entered the ring... and something clicked. He was AMAZING. Perfect. Listening 100%, on the bit more than he has ever been before...he felt great! We ended up with 2nd in Pleasure, 2nd in Equitations, 1ST IN DISCIPLINE RAIL! Yes. FIRST! When I hearrd that we won, I started crying, I was so happy! This was the first blue ribbon I have won with my boy...<3 Green Horse Champions (:

Mary-Kate did AMAZING with Katie aswell! She got 4th in Equitation, 2nd in discipline rail, and 1st in Pleasure! She tied for Reserve but since she placed lower in Eq, the other girl got reserve =/ Oh well, they were still amazing!

-Emily and Jet

EDITED to announce that the videos are now online!Green Horse Pleasure

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Horse Show tomorrow!

Jet and I will be competing in the Green Horse division at the Hobby Horse Farm horse show tomorrow. Wish us luck! Update to come after the show...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Show. Hopefully.

This Sunday there is a horse show at HHF> If the floor in our trailer is done by then, we will be going! YAY!

Update...we have been working on crossrails this past week. He LOVES cantering to them at odd angles... no idea why but he does! You can definately tell that he likes cantering the fences more than trotting them. He also likes to jump on the high side instead of the middle ;) Silly horse! I put a low vertical up with scary halloween decorations underneath and around it. He refused it a couple of timws but if I really focused on the jump and keeping him between my legs, he went over it no problem! Those crossrails though....those are his favorites! Videos to come soon (:

-Emily and Jet

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trail Ride!!

Here is the pretty boy before the ride:

Trotting around the field:

Wow, he is actually listening! See what it can do? lol

Listening ended:

Taking a walking break:


(This is his bad way)

Grrr, wish the big cement thing wasn't there :(

Pretty Boy!

The trail ride was a blast! I went with my Mom (who rode Elsa) for a birthday present for her (Hapy b-day mom!) Elsa was a pill on the trails so mom had to dismount and walk her there. She settled down though. She only did walk trot and as you can see, I did w/t/c. I was so proud of him! I only asked for a few seconds of collection during the ride. It was more about having fun than working. I had a great time! We crossed a river, jumped a log, and cantered!

Post more later...


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sorry for being MIA!

Time for much needed updates...

May 9th we had another show at Haskins...this one wasn't as great as the last. It was cold, windy, and the footing in the ring was deep and wet. We showed in the outdoor ring this time, the one with the scary corner. First thing I did with him was walk him, in hand, in the ring. He spooked at that corner every time I went by it. I hopped on for warmup and 3 minutes later, an announcement was made to exist the ring. Greaat. Didn't get to really warm up. So we went to another ring to warmp up a bit. He was doing wonderfully in that ring so we walked back to wait for our class.

Every class went the same for him. He was fast, spooky, and not really listening. There were 7 people in our classes. Most horses were not all... which really bugged me. They could have easily gone into the walk trot division and swept up there. But since tehre were more horses in the ring, it was a good experience for Jet. Let me remind you that every puddle looked like a horse-eatting monster and there was the scary corner. Overall, I was proud that he didn't do anything too obnoxious. The more places we go, the quieter he will be.

One of our only good moments:

A beautiful picture on my boy (not me at all) by Matt Francis:
Third place in Discipline Rail:
Basically how the rest of our day went:
We got 7th in Eq and Pleasure since he spooked both times, 3rd in Discipline rail and 2nd in trail!

-Emily and Jet

Monday, May 3, 2010

Race History

These are the payouts for the three races that he won. Ohhh Jet! He definately wasn't the favorite!

Race: 3 7/14/04                                        Win    Place   Show

1st      5    DELPHI'S SPECTATOR      16.80   11.60   5.80

2nd     9    KATIEGOFAST                                 9.00   5.20

3rd    10   WONDERING CHILD                                 8.40

4th      8    SIS'S PADRE

$2 Exacta 5-9 123.20

$2 Trifecta 5-9-10 3486.40

$2 Superfecta 5-9-A-A 476.00

Refunds: None

$2 Pick 3 2,7/10/5 3 of 3 138.00

Race: 3 8/26/04                                     Win    Place    Show

1st     8    DELPHI'S SPECTATOR     49.00   20.00    9.20

2nd    9    NORFOLK                                       8.00    4.40

3rd     5   CROWNING CATCH                               15.60


$2 Exacta 8-9 372.60

$2 Trifecta 8-9-5 3767.20

$2 Superfecta 8-9-A-A 3628.20

Refunds: None

$2 Pick 3 1/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9/8 3 of 3 92.20

Race: 9 5/30/05                                       Win    Place   Show

1st    6    DELPHI'S SPECTATOR       10.20    5.20    2.40

2nd   4    MARC MY SPEED                           9.60     3.60

3rd   5    VICTOR V                                                    3.00


$2 Exacta 6-4 80.20

$2 Trifecta 6-4-5 254.80

$2 Superfecta 6-4-5-2 999.80

Refunds: None

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cold. Wind. Rain. SNOW? Gotta love New England

So the past few days have felt like winter. It was freezing outside! I had to blanket the boys! IT was also rainy...with a few flurries of snow here and there that never hit the ground, but still...SNOW? Umm...Mother Nature, it is the end of April. Thankyouverymuch.

Monday I gave Jet the day off because we worked a lot on Sunday! W/t/c and jumping! We set up a vertical this time and he did it wonderfully! He didn't refuse once! We are definately getting somewhere. When we start jumping, he gets excited and to the right he forgets how to slow down, wait, and bend....something to work on.

Tuesday it was rainy..

Wednesday we did flat work. It was windy and cooler than normal. He was definately feeling the weather! We have started to do walk, one trot lap, then canter a bit to let him stretch out. He likes this alot and works soooo much better afterwards. It definately allows him to stretch out and have fun! Our left lead is definately easier to pick up and maintain. He is more balanced in that direction and pushes more from his hind end. To the sorta falls apart. He races around and leans in. This is because he is unbalanced I think. We will work on it. His transitions are getting better though! Once we start cantering he is very eager to go again. Once we do it once, the transitions are better since he knows what I am asking. It also helps him when I use voice commands. If we cantered and he is ready to gallop off, I just say, "Easy...trot!" and he never bolts. He just merrily goes along at a nice trot. Our ride was short, but productive.

Today was a longgggg ride. A bit of everything. We combined everything that we did from the past week or so and put it into one ride. We worked on everything from flat, jumping, bending, our pace, etc. and he did fantastically! We had a LOT of walking breaks inbetween everything because I am not the type of person to work my horse for an hour and a half straight of just galloping and jumping. Jet is still green and I want everything to be a positive experience for him. We cantered in both directions. He did really well both directions but the left lead needs more work than the right. He was asking for the bit when we trotted. It was so nice to  have him reaching underneath himself! Jumping went REALLY well. He actually tucked up for about half of the jumps! I love my boy<3

Friday was a day off. I was just too tired to do anything. Ohwell... this weekend is supposed to be nice so I can ride both days!

-Em and Jet