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Friday, January 29, 2010

He's home :)

Jet is now here! Mom called at 4:30 saying she was on her way home with him so I got everything ready for him. Last minute preparations, such as filling water buckets, were made so he would be nice and comfortable when he got here. Got another call at 5:20. She was only 10 minutes away! I got a lead rope ready and sat at the door waiting to see the trailer pull up. Unknown to me, she was taking the other entrance to our rode so I didn't see the trailer... but I saw Elsa bouncing around so I looked outside and BAM the trailer was here! I ran down with the lead rope and said hi to him and clipped the lead on his spiffy new leather halter (with a nameplate that has him name).

I talked to him and pet him and mom said, "Tell me when you're ready!" "I'm ready!" and off he went like a gentleman. He looked around a bit and saw Elsa and eargerly walked up to her. I brought him into the paddock and unclipped the lead then walked out. I clipped the gate shut, then tied it with 2 lead ropes. He is a master at untying knots! He is separated from Elsa and Biscuit; well for now anyways. If all goes well they will all be out in 1 big paddock. Him and Elsa walked up to the fence and sniffed mare squeels. Wow! That's a first! Then, after he walked around a bit, they came together again and started scratching eachother's whithers! I think they remember each other :)

I then let Biscuit out of his stall (he was eatting his dinner) and let him go meet Jet. He was more interested in eatting his hay so I led him over to the fence so they could meet and Biscuit actually likes him! No squeeling, no kicking, not bitting. Nothing. That sure is a relief!

I will take pictures tomorrow and post them on here! I'm off to go back outside to pet Jet! I might post again tonight, maybe not.


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  1. Hey Emily!
    Sara here, from The Eventing Ben! I love your blog! Jet is adorable! I did not know you rode english!! Post pictrues please! :)