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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Turnout and Shopping Spree!

For my birthday and Christmas, my aunt told me that she would take me shopping for horse stuff! So today was the day we set up to go because she didn't have to teach any lessons. So at 10am I ate breakfast and got ready to go. We left at 10:30 and got there at 11. I was immediately put to work picking stalls, sweeping, all the fun stuff. Not... but I didn't mind because I couldn't wait to go shopping!

After everything was done and the horses were nice and cozy we set off for the hour ride to SmartPak Equine. I have NEVER been to SmartPak so this was an adventure on its own for me! It took about an hour to get there but time passed quickly because my Aunt and I just talked and talked about random things. I really enjoyed that because we never really get to talk and even though she is my aunt I didn't really know her that well. I mean I see her every weekend but I never sat down and talked to her like this, or even went anywhere with just me and her. So I liked having this experience with her and I hope to do it again someday.

The store was on the side of the highway pretty much and there was limited parking so we parked infront of the big sign xD As soon as we walking in the door I was in awe at the number of things in the store! I wanted each and every thing but obvisouly I couldn't get them all. We started in the clearance section to look around for anything that caught my eye. I didn't really know what I wanted so I was just looking for things that I could use/need. I walked around about 10 times looking at everything and thinking about what I wanted. Blankets? Nah, I have enough. Fly mask? Nope, we have a bizillion. Stirrups? Have enough. I just couldn't decide.

Then I started to look at the apparel section. I only have tall boots because I outgrew my half cahps and paddock boots so I decided to look around in those departments for new paddock boots and half chaps. I found some really nice Saxon paddock boots that were on 75% clearance! SCORE! I got them for $10 :) My Aunt came over and started to look at the half chaps. Tall boots, pants, half chaps, and show coats never seem to fit right because I am so darn tall and skinny! We found a pair of really nice suede half chaps that were Small Tall! Yay! And on 50% clearance. Gotta love SmartPak! So we got those for $50. I love them! My Aunt and I continued to wander throughout the store. She came across a belt and asked if I wanted it. I looked at it and I loved it! It has a silver buckle and design around the belt. It was originally $44 but we got them for $22! We were on a roll!

I was satisfied for getting myself things so I decided to look for things for Jet. Hmm... didn't need bell boots, I have splint boots, all set on blankets, have tons of brushes. I was stumped. Upstairs in the clearance I saw a nice breakaway turnout halter but it was too expensive. $60 for that? Really? Anyways... I decided to look to see if there were any cheaper ones in the regular halter section. My Aunt found and amazing hunter green, adjustable breakaway halter for $25! A bit on the pricey side for me for a halter but we saved so much on everything else so we got it! We looked around a bit more and I was satisfied with what I got and my Aunt was satisfied with what she got.

We then decided to go to Dover so I could spend some Christmas money. It is only a few minutes down the rode so it wasn't a long ride. We got there and looked around a bit. I went to the Bargain Basement but there wasn't anything that caught my eye. I looked upstairs and wandered around a bit. I found a $4 mane brush that I am going to need to make sure his beastly long mane doesn't get tangled! My Aunt called me over to where she was and said, "I know what you need! A boot jack for your tall boots so you don't have to torture your siblings to take them off!" That was exactly what I needed! I never even thought of it! So I snatched that up for $10. I looked around a bit more. I looked at the saddle pads and found a nice white one with a hunter green trim for $18. I think green looks really nice on him so I got that too :) I kept on wandering and I decided to get a lead ot match his halter. I found a nice cotton one with a chain that I got for $9. Woot! I was all done. Didn't need anything else! We checked out and I guess the saddle pad was on sale for $10! Yay! More savings!

I paid $40 towards everything I got and I was so excited about it! I couldn't wait to go home and show everyone! I am home, and showed them. They were like, "Holy moly! It is like Christmas for you all over again!"


While I was gone, Mom turned Jet, Elsa, and Biscuit all up in the ring together to see how they got along. Elsa and Jet absolutely LOVE eachother. It is hilarious! Biscuit sorta half-heartidly charged at him twice and Jet was just like, "What are you doing there pony?" So Biscuit retreated and decided that Jet was a friend, not foe. All went amazingly and they hung out up there for a few hours! Biscuit would follow Elsa who was following Jet so they are all one big train! lol. Once the ground unfreezes we are going to take out the middle divider in the paddocks to make a big one! Yay!

I am going to go out and brush Jet now. Post later! :)

Comment please!

-Emily and Jet

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  1. Wow! Thats really cool!! I looovee horse shopping! I am sure the horses like it too! Haha :)