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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is Jet's 9th Birthday! Although it was raining and you can't walk into the paddock without loosing a muck boot... I trudged my way through to sing Happy Birthday to my boy and give him a treat that I made for him. He is one spoiled boy! He spent the day under the over hang until about 3:30pm (I had an early release from school due to flooding! I got out at 11:45! Woot!) then the rain finally stopped for a while and I brought them all up to the ring to be able to stretch their legs. He must have rolled 10 times... on each side! When he wasn't rolling, he was bucking, galloping, playing halter tag, etc. Just have a good ol' time! Happy Birthday special boy<3 This is a collage from when I had him years ago. I wanted him show name to be "Jitter Bug Jet." Thank god we never showed then!


  1. What is jet's show name?

    Bigen's is High Stakes
    and Belle's is Sugar Belle Sweets
    Belle's is a preppy I think, may change it. idk

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JET! Give him a kiss for me!

  2. Hey its Katelyn=] (from the barn) Tell Jet Happy Birthday from me!!!! You 2 were made for eachother<333 love the pics of you guys. Can't wait to see you Sat. at Cape Cod Hunter=]

  3. Thank you =DDD

    Jet's show name is his racing name... Delphi's Spectator but I want to change it. Any ideas?

    Thank you Kate<3333 You and Hunter are perfect together too! Saturday is going to be aamzinggggg! AND WARM! heck yes! And we have Friday off so we can get ready all during the day. and you and Jacqie will match at the show =D You guys are going you get 1st and 2nd, every class.

  4. I'm a little late but happy birthday boy <3