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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I found the laptop!

Mom has been talking about how she made a blog for me. I wasn't sure what that was but it sounded pretty cool since it was about me. She said she wrote about our rides and stuff. Well, I think that is boring and I wanted to tell you about some other stuff. She left the laptop out in my reach so I decided to find this blog thing.

Hello! I look a bit funny here...

So basically...Mom has been riding me everyday since Sunday. It hasn't been easy work either! She is making me work muscles that I didn't even know I have! Oh Mother. When she isn't riding me, she is usually brushing me (I love getting curried in ym scritchy spot!), feeding me cookies, or just snuggling with me....or the other thing. I don't really know why she likes the other one so much. He doesn't do much. I guess he drives but he gets scared. I would rather have Mom loving me than the other thing that I guess I brother...
That's him.

He does have a name...Biscuit...but I would rather call him the other one for now. We aren't really good friends when Mom is around because we both want her attention but when she isn't around we get along...ok.

So a few years ago when Mom first brought me home from the track, Grandma has a pyscho reader person talk to me. She asked me all of these questions that Grandma wanted to know about. I told her a few things...I like the dogs. I think they are part of my family. I see them enough so they might aswell be. I know my mouth is a bit funny (I am missing a ton of teeth on my bottom jaw...) but I don't like when people look in my mouth. You know what't in there and I do to so we can leave it alone. I want to be a Western horse too. I think it would be pretty cool. And they go slow, which I love to do too! When I got here, Elsa told me what would happen is I did this or that. For example, if I walked up to the humans and snuggle with them they will give me cookies! I love cookies!

Mom also said something about a Horse Show? I don't know what she plans to show me because I already have seen everything aroudn the street. Maybe she will show another horse that because I think ti would be rather boring. Well, now that I think about it....Mom said I went to a Schooling Show a couple of weeks ago. I don't like the idea of school that humans have to go to but I liked being able to go toa  new place and show off infront of other horses. Maybe that's what she's talking about!

Uh-oh. Mother is coming so I have to go. She might have cookies!


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