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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hobby Horse Farm Show- 5/23. I cried.

Today was an amazing day. An AMAZING day. The show started an hour late but we got there when we planned to if the day was going to run like it was supposed to. We brough Jet and Mary-kate and her horse Katie (both Standardbreds!!). We thought she was going to just do the trail so we wanted to get tehre before it closed at noon. Flat classes ended up not starting until about 12:30 so Mary-Kate ended up showing in Green Horse with me :) was one of the LAST classes of the day. Oh joy. So we had 2+ hours to wait. We brought the horses down to the jumping field to watch the last few jumping classes, let them calm down, brush them, and let them eat some grass. We watched a few of our friends jump in classes and warm-ups (check out their blogs at and ) They did really well! Congrats guys! Then we tacked up and warmed up during the lunch break. We still had 90min+ to our classes so we put them back on the trailer to munch on hay. Our extremelyyyy kind instructor let us put the horses in stalls that weren't being used so they weren't on the trailer for a long time. After a while, we went back in a brushed them and tacked up and wamred up for about 3 minutes before our class. He was a complete dofus. He was bolting, not listening, and even reared... I thought we were doomed. But then our class was called...and we entered the ring... and something clicked. He was AMAZING. Perfect. Listening 100%, on the bit more than he has ever been before...he felt great! We ended up with 2nd in Pleasure, 2nd in Equitations, 1ST IN DISCIPLINE RAIL! Yes. FIRST! When I hearrd that we won, I started crying, I was so happy! This was the first blue ribbon I have won with my boy...<3 Green Horse Champions (:

Mary-Kate did AMAZING with Katie aswell! She got 4th in Equitation, 2nd in discipline rail, and 1st in Pleasure! She tied for Reserve but since she placed lower in Eq, the other girl got reserve =/ Oh well, they were still amazing!

-Emily and Jet

EDITED to announce that the videos are now online!Green Horse Pleasure

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