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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sorry for being MIA!

Time for much needed updates...

May 9th we had another show at Haskins...this one wasn't as great as the last. It was cold, windy, and the footing in the ring was deep and wet. We showed in the outdoor ring this time, the one with the scary corner. First thing I did with him was walk him, in hand, in the ring. He spooked at that corner every time I went by it. I hopped on for warmup and 3 minutes later, an announcement was made to exist the ring. Greaat. Didn't get to really warm up. So we went to another ring to warmp up a bit. He was doing wonderfully in that ring so we walked back to wait for our class.

Every class went the same for him. He was fast, spooky, and not really listening. There were 7 people in our classes. Most horses were not all... which really bugged me. They could have easily gone into the walk trot division and swept up there. But since tehre were more horses in the ring, it was a good experience for Jet. Let me remind you that every puddle looked like a horse-eatting monster and there was the scary corner. Overall, I was proud that he didn't do anything too obnoxious. The more places we go, the quieter he will be.

One of our only good moments:

A beautiful picture on my boy (not me at all) by Matt Francis:
Third place in Discipline Rail:
Basically how the rest of our day went:
We got 7th in Eq and Pleasure since he spooked both times, 3rd in Discipline rail and 2nd in trail!

-Emily and Jet

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