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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back Field Adventure

So yesterday I rode Jet through a neighbors yard, down through the trails, and into a few fields that have side trails and loop around back into the field. We walked the first field once so I could see where the holes/rocks were and then we picked up a trot. We trotted around the field once then moved to the second field. We trotted down one of the side paths and as we came back into the field, I saw a person. I said, "Hello!" Then I said it again a little louder. No answer. They had a heltmet for ATV riding on but no ATV. They saw me, then started running into the woods. I got freaked out and turned around and booked it back towards my house! (This is someone else's house that they let us ride in by the way) We galloped through a field, over a small stick that Jet jumped (I'm so glad he now watches where he is going!!) through another field, then back into the trail home. Not one buck, not one kick out to the side, not one bad or odd step. His ears were perked the entire time and he wanted to go go go! We walked back home then did a little work in the ring. He was perfect. Gotta love him (:

-Emily and Jet

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