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Friday, June 4, 2010

An Interesting Week

Sunday I went to HHF with Mom and we had a great time! w/t/c and a few jumps on Jet then a few on Elsa.

Monday I went by myself with Jet. We did w/t/c and jumping but he was a little freaked out being alone so we only did a few and called it a day. He was bucky and not happy alone. We ended on a good note (a perfect line!)

Tuesday was a much needed day also thundered and lightninged....

Wednesday...Jacqie needed to take pics for her photography class so I brought Jet over again...alone. BAD mistake. He was not happy at all and I knew it from the second we got out there. I tried to work him through it and he got to the point where he was content and listening. Then we started jumping. I never should have jumped and I regret it. He was not comfortable and did not want to jump and I could feel it but pushed him anyways..I'm such a bad horse owner...We did a lot of jumping...had a lot of refusals and bucks, but a few perfect jumps. I decided that we just aren;t ready to start jumping about crossrails yet and I am going to go back to flat work for the rest of June. after June I will ONLY do crossrails until next year. Well, unless we go on a hunter pace and there is a little log...that's not technically a crossrail but nothing over 18".. I don't want to push him more than he is comfartable. If it turns out he doesn't like jumping, then we will try other things until he finds what he likes. I personally think he would love hunter paces...but only time will tell. Anyways, Wednesday was not a productive day at all and I was disappointed in myself for not listening to what my horse was telling me. Lesson learned.

Thursay I brought him up to the ring to brush him. We started out on the lawn but he decided it was fun to move away from me and make brushing difficult so we went in the ring instead. I finished brushing him and then when I went to go get the fly spray, he ran away. So it turned into a lunging lesson. He let out several HUGE bucks and he was happily galloping along whish was nice to see since I though I overworked him the day before. Obvioudly he was full of energy and not stiff at all. I finally caught him and took him for a cool down walk around the street.

Today Mom and I went to HHF again. Just to go on a trail ride. We had a blast! Lots of trotting on the trails and a canter around a field. Then Abby hopped on Elsa and I walked with her. We moved down to the jumping field where the footing was better to actually work a bit on flat work. He was really good w/t but he bucked twice when cantering... I am not sure if it is because he is being a pill or if there is something wrong. When the vet comes out I am going to ask her about it. Hopefuly he was just full of himself and giving me a hard time! It was a great day, he was a fabulous boy and we had an amazing time!

Possibly going to HHF again tomorrow?

-Emily and Jet

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