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Friday, June 25, 2010

School's out!

Finally got out of school today! WOO! But, I am going to miss it believe it or not. I really liked it this yar. Next year is going to be a blast too!

Anyways...not alot of riding in the past week since I had finals. I did lunge him over some ground poles to help build up his hind end and I plan to do that atleast twice a week. He is also getting his feet done soon as well as having the vet come out to get his coggins and lyme titer done. We will see if the vet can figure out why he is bucking at the canter and see what kind of future I have with him. If I am limited to just walk trot...I guess that will be fine. I'll get into driving, bareback, horsemanship, western, long as he is comfortable and instead maybe work off rides on a horse that has the ability to canter and jump. Time will tell...

I did bring him to HHF last weekend. We went swimming! No pics, but we had a blast! He got up to about mid-chest. I was bareback. I had no problem staying on and he was having so much fun so overall it went great! I was proud of him for just going in when I asked. I was surprised really. Before we went swimming, Mary-kate and I went for a trail ride. We did a lot of trotting and a little canter. He did kick out twice but not as badly as he usually does. About 30 minutes before we went, it was terencial downpooring so it was wet. We were very cautious and walked through the slippery parts. One HUGE puddle we trotted through which was fun. We also got to a part where there were four or five smaller puddles on a straight away. they were maybe three feet or so in diameter. We trottet down that side and Jet jumped the puddles! Silly boy! Katie was actually really good in the water too! We were proud (:

I plan on riding tomorrow either before or after my brother's birthday party. It is almost his tenth birthday!
-Emily and jet

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