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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I have been up in Maine for the past few days so there was nothing really to update about. Anyways, now that I'm back...

I rode Jet yesterday at Mary-Kate's house. We did a lot of walking and trotting with a short canter in each direction. We then popped over a small crossrail a few times. He was really good! We had to stretch out a bit before I could really ask him to do anything. I was SO surprised at how straight he was going!! It was amazing! I didn't ask him for too much since he had been off for a while but I worked on going straight, then moving off my leg, circles, ect. He field is a small small hill so the slight incline helped him move underneath himself.

Our canter wasn't pretty at all and I am going to lay off of it for a while. I am going to try to have a massouse out here and take a loook at him. I think something, somewhere is btohering him. He only kicked once, but his ears were pinned the entire time. He was willing and kept going when I asked but he only did it because I am mommy.  It isn't typical of his tempermant for him to do things like kicking out so that is why it is bothering me. Hopefully we can schedule something with our friend who is a massouse and see what she thinks.

I am also questioning a few other things. Maybe the saddle isn't fitting quite right since he has been getting more muscled. I am going to try free lunging him and seeing if he still kicks out at the canter. Maybe his old suspensory injury is bothering him? Who knows... Hopefully it is an easy fix and nothing too serious.

I got a job! I am working for a woman in town at her barn to help with barn chores and maintenence. Today we picked paddocks and painted part of her ring fence. It wasn't too exciting but I got to work with Mary-Kate which was fun! She really helped me out and showed me the ropes. Hopefully if I work regularly for her, I will make about $450 a month. I would put $50 a month away for vet bills, farrier, emergency, etc. just so if money got tight or something came up, there would be money right there. I will also pay for all of my show fees, get a new show helmet, and put the rest into savings. The woman talked about us working for her next year so the job looks promising!

No ride today. It was to hot, then it rained. I will definately ride tomorrow, ride at my Aunt's house on Saturday, then go to the Haskins show on Sunday. More updates to come!

-Emily and Jet

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