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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Modified Skijourning?

The snow has been such an awesome thing for me lately. I have ridden Jet in it several times bareback and he has excelled beyond my wildest expectations. We have walk, trotted, and cantered bareback and quite round. The snow is really making him use his hindend even if he doesn't want to. Here are some pics from our bareback rides:

Bareback in the back field

Cantering bareback

Bareback in the ring

Walking, back field

These next ones are of Mary-Kate riding Jet!

Cantering in the "loop"

Bareback and bridleless :)

Yesterday, Mary-Kate came over my house. First, we rode Jet bareback. Mary-Kate somehow managed to deal with the excruciating pain of the harness while she rode. I trotted five steps with it, then had to take it off because it hurt. I'm a "pansy" as Mary-Kate would say. From those 5 steps, I got a nice bruise. I can only imagine how Mary-Kate is feeling.

We then took a blow up sled and attached it to the harness. I walked behind Jet while Mary-Kate rode just incase he spooked and I needed to grab the sled. He was fine so I sat right in the sled! He was such a good boy as you can see in the video here:

Please ignore my random popping in...I was having fun and got carried away :)

I love my horse!


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  1. Horsey fun in the snow is the BEST kind there is.