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Monday, February 21, 2011

A lot of nothing

Lately, a lot of nothing has been going on. I am on school vacation and yet...I can't ride. Why you might ask? ICE! The past two months have been snowing almost nonstop. We had atleast one day off from school per week for five straight weeks in a row. Now with the warmer weather coming about, the snow has melted a bit during the day, then it refreezes at night.

Therefore, not a lot of riding has been going on. The only place I can ride is on my street which is not ideal in any situation. I don't do a lot with Jet, but it keeps him sane. I have been doing a lot of bareback riding, riding in just a halter, etc. Jet seems to enjoy the bonding time but boy....he is ready to get back in work. I have been keeping his mind busy with teaching him tricks. I will have to get some pictures of them!

This is how he keeps himself exercised.


Even though he loves to bounce around like a maniac, when I get on him he takes great care of me and goes into riding mode

I love my boy<3

Hopefully the weather will rally start to warm up and all of this now disappears. When that happens, I will be sure to post more often (:

-Emily and Jet

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  1. I love a horse that knows the difference between work and play :) I can't wait for all the ice and mud to go away.