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Monday, August 1, 2011

A new definition to accident prone

*knock on wood* It looks like Jet is sound again. I have had quite the hectic time trying to pinpoint what exactly he injured. At first, I saw the swollen, cut up knee. The swelling went down and then I saw the swollen cannon bone on the other front leg. That swelling also went down. Finally, I noticed a bit of swelling on his right hind near the fetlock. That is all cleared up too. Fingers crossed that he will actually be rideable again soon!

I swear this horse is trying to hurt himself. In the past, he has managed to get all sorts of cuts and scrapes in unusual places. He has even pulled a suspensory, broken his nose, and ripped half of his face off. He sure is unique!

Since he was unrideable for the Haskins show, I took my Mom's horse instead. I rode her maybe 6 times in the week and a half before the show and that was the only work she has gotten in months. I was worried about her being nervous in new places (like she usually is) but horses never cease to amaze me. Elsa was PERFECT! We ended up with three 1sts and a 2nd, which landed us champion Green Horse of the day and also matched me and Jet point wise for year end awards. I plan on finishing out the season with Jet as long as he is comfortable.

My discovery in Elsa's showing capabilities has rubbed off on my little sister. She had an unusual sudden interest in riding 24/7 and planning for shows with Elsa after I showed her. Funny how things work. It benefits everyone though. I got to ride Elsa (who I enjoy riding) and brought her to her first off farm show and it was a HUGE success, and now she is in regular work and will be out in the show circuit. My sister is actually taking her to a dressage show this weekend. I was planning to go with Jet but I'm not willing to push it so soon after his injury.

My Aunt is coming tomorrow to take a look at him and hopefully give the OK to ride again. I'll update soon!

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