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Monday, January 23, 2012

Trees do NOT taste good...

What's the best thing to do on a snowy day? Go horse sledding! I took Jet out and took my brother and sister for a ride during the snow storm on Saturday. We just did walk, trot, canter up and down the street a few times. Its hard work pulling a sled and carrying a rider! Here are some vids:

Jet's little tantrum, the only time he was bad throughout the day. He puts up with so much!

To set it up, I took a fuzzy surcingle and put it on top of a saddle pad on him and then attached it to a breastplate. Then I took long lines (nylon driving reins) and attached them to the surcingle

On Sunday, I went to Mary-Kate's house and we did the same thing with her horse Katie (also a Standardbred). This time, we rode with a western saddle. We put a lunge line under the saddle (inbetween the saddle and saddle pad) and then did a safety release knot on the horn. It worked really well...until I crashed into a tree. Friends would run friends into trees and immediately turn around and go help them but BEST friends keep riding, laugh hysterically, then eventually ask if you are ok. Gotta love best friends! And the best part? Its on video!

I'm not sure why I didn't just roll off. Things just happened to quickly. I did see it coming and put my hands and feet out infront of me but I hit my head on my knee hard enough to bruise my knee (but not my head...). After about 30 seconds of being confused, I was completely fine and went on to do it again, and then I got on Katie and took Mary-Kate in the sled.

We then ended the day by taking Jet to the back field and sledding with him. We used the same setup that we used with Katie earlier that day. Here is what it looks like from the sled! (Mary-Kate in the sled)

Then Mary-Kate got on Jet and I went in the sled. Patch (my dog), was very concerned because I was screaming (with joy). He kept biting my jacket and trying to pull me off. A few times he actually ended up jumping on the sled with me and licking my face. I knew he was trying to help but I didn't want him to pop the sled so I had to yell at him to stop. He sulked over the the edge of the field, sat there, and kept an eye on me after that. When we got home I gave him lots of treats!

Did I mention I absolutely love my horse?

*DO NOT TRY THIS WITH JUST ANY HORSE* Jet and Katie have both been driven before and we got them used to the sled and the sounds of it before doing this


  1. Nice blog, that horse sledging looks fun but scary! I am following you now thanks to Ruffle's recommendation!

  2. That looks like sooo much fun!! I had to laugh when you crashed into the tree.

  3. Thank you for the award Ruffle's!! I laugh every time I watch this video now. Thank you Laura, I hope you enjoy reading about my future adventures!

  4. Love seeing everyone's variations of this! Looks like you guys got better snow than we did.