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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amazing Day

Today we had an amazing ride! Yesterday too!

Let's start with yesterday...we did A LOT of walking work. I got him to the point where he was collected, round, and moving off my leg for a few strides at a time. I was really proud that we got that since we were doing a lot of trail and hill work and very little work on this recently. We moved up to the trot and I got the same results for a few strides at a time. I had set up a cross rail before and I had promised myself and Jet that if I wanted to jump it, I would have my Mom watch at all times and if she said that something was wrong, I would stop. I called her out and had her watch a few minutes of flat work and then I asked if I could jump. She said, "Sure, I don't see why not!" We popped over it three times in each direction then went on a walk around the street.

Today was even better! We did a lot of walking and circle work again. I think this really helps him get into the grove of things. We wrok for a few minutes then have a break of loose rein stretching, then more work, etc. so he has a breather inbetween. We got going really well today at the trot especially after we....cantered! We went around about twce in each direction and he wanted to go more! He was just so unbalanced that I needed to bring him back. He got all hyped up after the cantering so I had to really bring him back down. He enjoyed it and was a good boy but man...he was really unbalanced. My ring is tiny so he has a hard time in there... I will just stick with bigger rings and trails for cantering right now until he can balance himself. And.... we jumped once each direction over the crossrail. We actually trotted over it like a cavaletti but I wanted him to wait and not rush towards it then throw himself over it. I was very pleased (: We went for another walk around the street then I hosed him off. GREAT day!

Hopefulyl riding with my aunt tomorrow. I'm going to give her a call tomorrow morning and ask if she can help me. *fingers crossed*

I'll post tomorrow after my ride!

-Emily and Jet

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