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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ride 7/10/10

On Saturday, Mom and I went for a ride. We tacked up quickly to try to beat the rain. We got on and headed out into the jumping field when we heard thunder. Uggh. So we worked in the jumping field for a while. We did circles, serpetines, etc. He was doing REALLY well! The thunder stopped so we continued onto the trails. We only went in the fields and not out into the woods incase it did start to thunder again (so that way we could just canter back). We did lots of trotting! Elsa was sweaty and Jet was jsut a little warm. We went back to the first field and Mom called it quits. She stood in the middle on Elsa while I cantered around. His canter was AMAZING! We picked it up on a turn but did most of it down the long side of the field. He was sooo good! He was even in a frame! I am not sure how or why but I just let him be where he was most comfortable (I was just happy he was cantering lol!). We went a little bit in each direction before I walked him a bit and gave him lots and lots of praise. Then it happened. The skys opened up on us and the rain came. Oh joy..."Mom, let's go back now." "No! It is fun to ride in the rain!" So we stayed out in the rain and got SOAKED! We did a little bit more cantering then finally went back to the barn, soaking wet. Mom took Elsa in the barn to wash her off. I wanted to see if I could still have Jet focus on me if Elsa left him so I continued to ride. We did a lot of walking, then a little trotting, and then I asked for a canter. Going the the left, he would NOT pick it up. So going the right, his good direction, I told him that if he did a few strides, he would be all done and he would get cookies! He must have understood me because after I said that (we had a few failed attempts before) he picked it up! Was the transition pretty? No. Did we keep it for long? No. But was I proud? You betcha!

Lesson tomorrow! Can't wait to finally get one on him :D

-Emily and Jet

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