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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Awesome Ride Today!

Trotting some more!
Trotting Out Bad Direction
Jumping a Crossrail- Bad direction
He gets excited and sticks his nose in the air! A habit we will have to stop. You can also see our sometimes sideways-ness in this video
Jumping- Good direction
He cross-cantered after the first two times but after that he picked up the lead completely! We will have to work on balnce to the jump and his take off so the cross-cantering doesn't continue
Cantering the Crossrail!
His first time doing it in almost two months! And he has only done it a few times before anyways. I need to keep him out more but I was still proud that he cantered it (:

He was a very good boy all in all. TEN DAYS until the Rehoboth Fair!!

Tomorrow I am riding with Mary-kate and my sister in the early AM to beat the heat! We will tkaes pics and videos!

-Em and Jet

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