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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long Ride

Yesterday Mary-Kate, Abby, and I rode at my house. We did a lot of ring work first. Probably a good hour or so. But most of the time it was just one person on the rail at a time and two people video taping/taking pictures so it really wasn't that much work. Abby and I went over the cross rail a few times and Mary-Kate did both of the jumps I set up. They all were really good! Elsa and Katie refused or almsot refused the crossrail a few times but Jet didn't. What a good boy! We ware done for jumping until probably next Wednesday when we will pop over a new crossrail (I took the other one down) to practice for the Rehoboth Fair (8 days left!!) Then Mary-Kate hopped on Jet and I hopped on Katie. M-k did a little bit of trotting and popped over the cross rail once. I did w/t/c with Katie and did both jumps. We then switched back and headed out for the trails!

We got back there, walked around for a while, then Mary-Kate and I decided to canter down the straightaway. Jet cantered down it nicely a few times, and then we galloped down it! He was FLYING! Then M-k and I had a race and I won even though I lost my stirrups! (: Josh, my little brother, walked out with us to take videos (my Mom did aswell) so he got blisters on his feet. He decided that he wanted to ride Jet back with me (he feels safest on Jet) so Mom offered to carry the saddle back if I let Josh ride bareback with me. Ofcourse that was fine so we untacked Jet and hopped on bareback. He was an angel with both of us on there! I love my horse!

We got back, hosed them off, I sponged Jet with linament, and then we turned Katie and Jet out together in the ring. We don't know when the last time Katie was turned out with other horses (she has goat friends at home) so we weren't sure how things were going to work out. Amazingly, they got along PERFECTLY! A few mare squeels at first but then they were basically attatched at the hip! It was adorable! I'll put pictures up later.

I'm planning on just hopping on Jet bareback today and walking him around to stretch out his muscles so he doesn't get stiff and sore. I'll post later!

-Em and Jet

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